by dashofthedevil

It’s been, like, a week since I posted our itinerary and we’ve already changed it quite a bit. I’m drowning in spreadsheets. A million different ones; packing lists, buying lists, places to see, places to stay – oh my, comparing all of the places to stay. Face palm.

After spending close to 6 hours engulfed in travel reservations for London – Aaron had to force me to stop. I picked a nice bed and breakfast in Hampstead. I could have kept looking for days. At least they offer free cancellation..just in case. 😉

We want our trip to have that easy-going-romantic-yet-see-as-much-as-we-can feel to it. To help us with our budget, we are planning on participating in free tours throughout Europe.

We’re not firm on it but we will shoot for a goal of $500 in each of the cities we’re going to visit. We’ll be making small sacrifices where we can (if we can), like a cheaper hotel in London so that we can spend the “leftover” cash on a nicer stay in Greece. London will end up costing us about $350-400 for 3 days, 2 nights all in. I felt good about that number. Until I saw the prices in Paris. Yikes.

To be continued..