When In Rome

by dashofthedevil

I was 4 hours into my weekday routine (scouring travel sites for deals/eating peanut butter banana sandwiches) when I realized something in our itinerary was off. We had 4 days planned in each city, double what we had originally anticipated. Suddenly, we had collected an abundance of sight seeing time and I was so happy..and so oblivious.

Then it hit me: somehow in my haste I had forgotten Rome. One quite simply does not forget Rome.

It just so happens that revising our itinerary is pretty much my favorite thing to do right now. Still, it’s a bummer that we can’t pass go until we figure out what to cut out.

Planning a trip this big is really overwhelming. I’ve become obsessed with finding the best deals and cheapest rates. I think I may even dream in Kayak now..

Hot planning tip: put your itinerary into a calendar format (duh, right?). I googled “google docs calendar template 2014” and chose the one I wanted. I right clicked on the month tab that I needed and moved it to my original OMG EUROPE spreadsheet. Then I just changed the dates. Hopefully this will help keep me in line!