by dashofthedevil

This month kicks off our countdown of 9 weeks until we leave for our honeymoon in Europe!

We don’t have our plane tickets, or anything else booked for that matter, so um, yeah, I’m a little stressed about it. 🙂 It will all come together though. A and I gave ourselves until the end of this month to have everything finalized. This trip was very spur of the moment, but with my job ending on the 28th, and A taking a hiatus from his job..we figured it would be the best time for us to take off and go.

Although going to Europe on a honeymoon is super exciting, I’m also looking forward to a clean slate and starting fresh when we get back. I have a couple job opportunities lined up already but is that really something that I want to do? I’m not sure yet. A and I talked about all of the different possibilities, of me going back to school while he works, or maybe I could get a part time job. I’m really excited to see what is in our future.

For now, my days consist of entering sweepstakes and making smoothies. I’m used to working 40+ hours a week at a full time job, this is definitely something different for me. A checks the mail when he gets home and is always surprised to see what goodies I have won! I can proudly say I’ve been able to pay for most of our trip gear with Amazon gift cards from around the web. Impressive, right? Yes. Back to sweeps for me..