I got my passport back!

by dashofthedevil

WOO HOO! I was so flippin’ stoked when A came home with my passport yesterday. It’s all dolled up with my new awesome last name. AND it expires on Valentine’s Day 2024, aww. I’ll be 35 and will have seen the world. Time flies when you’re having fun.

This glorious news also means that I’m 100% going to Europe!

We still need to buy our backpacks and are working on our routes, but other than that we’re almost good to go. Weather is going to be a pain in the arse because we’re legit switching from Netherlands weather to Greece/Spain/Morocco.

I actually just checked the weather everywhere (for today) and it’s 77 degrees in Florida, 40 degrees in Belgium, and 60 degrees in Morocco – to give you an idea of the contrast. I hope it stays cool during April this year. I would be happy with 50-70 degrees, yes.

Next week is my last week at work and then March is all for me! It’s all happening!