by dashofthedevil

We’re back from our Euro honeymoon tour and it feels so good! Next time we go on vacation, it will definitely be less than 2 months, that was just too long. We had an amazing time – ate tons of delicious foods, walked miles and miles on end, got lost and then found ourselves. I would definitely recommend traveling with your partner before/after getting married (preferably before). You find out so much more about a person when they are out of their comfort zone. Luckily for us, we’re still married.

I’m glad I didn’t stress too much about what to pack. I ended up giving all of my clothes away as we went through each country so make room for new things to bring home. Best decision I made was bringing my not so favorite (yet comfortable) clothes.

Now we’re back in the motions of finding jobs and figuring out what to do next in general. And of course, entering facebook contests.

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Good luck!