Just Keep Blogging

Wow, here I am again. I totally failed and stopped blogging for a while. Life in Hawaii came and went; we spent 9 months there and are now happily back in Florida. Living in Hawaii was an unforgettable experience.

Now that we’re back in Sarasota, we’re itching to travel again. We’ve already begun planning our spontaneous honeymoon trip to Europe in April. I mailed our passports for renewal today – woop.

We weren’t really sure where to begin in planning a month long trip to Europe. Aaron found a loosely scheduled itinerary on the internet and we decided to base our trip off of that, lol. That’s one way to plan…

London – 2 days
Paris – 3 days
Barcelona – 2 days
French Riviera – 2 days
Venice – 2 days
Florence for the day
Rome – 3 days
Athens – 2 days
Mykonos – 4 days
Amsterdam – 3 days

We haven’t booked anything yet so nothing is set in stone. But we’re super excited! We have never been to Europe before. As our planning continues, I will be sure to document our progress!